Curly Hosting – Terms and Conditions

These are the Standard Hosting Terms and Conditions for Curly Hosting for the provision of website and email services. In contracting with Curly Hosting to provide services to you, these terms and any associated appendices and attachments, annexed to these conditions, shall form the terms and conditions of an Agreement to which you and Curly Hosting agree to be bound for the provision of the Services.

1. Definitions

a) “we,” “us” and “our” are references to Curly Hosting

b) “you,” “your” and “client” are references to the person paying for services from Curly Hosting

c) “services” refers to one or more of our hosting services which include web hosting, domain name registration, email hosting, alias hosting, spam filtering, etc.

d) “web hosting” refers to storing your website on a web server allowing the public to access via the Internet

e) “email hosting” refers to the provision of mailboxes on our email server and to which you can connect in order to send and receive email communications

f) “server” is the computer equipment operated by our suppliers in connection to the services provided

g) “charges” are the charges payable by the client for the provision of services.

2. Contract term

h) The contract lasts 12 months is payable in advance and is non-refundable.

i) It is a rolling contract and will automatically renew for another 12 months at the end of the current contract.

j) If you do not wish to renew your contract with us you will need to move your hosting to another supplier in order to ensure uninterrupted service. Please inform us in writing at least 30-days before the expiration of the current contract, confirming the contact details of the new provider. Failure to provide sufficient notice may leave you liable to pay for the renewed period.

k) There is no charge to move your hosting to another provider. However, if you, any of your staff or your new provider require our help in completing the transfer you will be invoiced for our time (see the Support section).

l) If the contract renews but you fail to pay your hosting invoice, we reserve the right to withdraw the services, which will mean your website and emails will no longer function. Access to your website and emails will be restored upon full settlement of the invoice plus any administration and interest charges levied for non-payment.

3. Support

m) This contract includes ‘ad hoc’ support, which means that you may contact us between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday on 01491 714000 or We will provide assistance by phone, email or remote access, at our discretion.

n) All of our time is chargeable. This includes the initial investigation, time spent in communication with you, time spent in communication with others and any necessary desk-bound research. Charges are applied even if the issue is not resolved. Where we identify that an issue is fully the fault of our service you will not be invoiced for our time.

o) To avoid support charges, you can upgrade to our Premium Hosting, which incorporates the cost of support into the annual hosting fee. To upgrade your hosting contract please contact us on 01491 714000.

4. General

p) Acceptance – by entering into a hosting contract with us you acknowledge that you have read these notes and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions referred to herein.

q) Charges – we reserve the right to review our charges from time to time. Changes in pricing relating to hosting services will come into effect when your contract renews. Changes in pricing relating to our time will be applied to the next invoice.

r) Changes to terms – we reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions at our sole discretion, and to determine whether and when any such changes apply to both existing and future customers. You will be notified of any changes according to our standard procedure.

s) Liability – we exercise no control over, and therefore accept no liability for, the content held on or passing through our servers. However, if we find that you have been using our servers for illegal purposes we reserve the right to withdraw our services and deny you further access.

t) Interruption of service – we will not be liable for any temporary delay, outages or interruption of the services and we reserve the right to temporarily suspend services for the purposes of maintenance, repair or upgrades of the servers.

u) Data protection – we are registered with the Information Commissioner and will only use your information for purposes of conducting business with you, and will not pass on your details to others without your express permission

v) Jurisdiction – the laws of England govern our terms and conditions and the High Court of England shall have jurisdiction to decide any disputes arising from it.

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